The three Jewels of Europe- Hola Spain

Madrid and Barcelona offer a palette of experiences and stories to take back home.  Let's set on expedition to experience both the quaint and the cosmopolitan side of this country.
Simple but enigmatic, raw yet sophisticated, the Spanish capital is a city of paradoxes.  It is the city for walkers.  The beautiful pathways, sidewalks and well-guarded pedestrian lanes makes you walk rather than hoping in to a cab.  The most splendid way to encounter Madrid is to stop at the 17the-century square where bullfights, trials and executions were once held.  The neighbour hood has lot to offer-take a peek in to the Jardin del Principe de Anglona, whose brick-and-concrete walls hide the small garden with brick paths and pomegranate and almond trees within. Don't miss the two coloured ancient Roman mosaics at Museo de los Origenes, Casa de San Isidro.
Art aficionados should step into the magnificently tiled San Francisco el Grande Basilica. One Can't stop looking at the painting of San Bernardino de Siena, one of the earliest of Goya's Madrid paintings. Goya painted himself into its right side.  Sol is the epicenter of Madrid , where you can find landmarks like the Puerta del Sol.  Which is the main contemporary square in Madrid.  The barrio of Malasana is where you can find the main bars district in Madrid.  All the coolest parties are held here.  In the barrio of Salamanca, you can find some of the most exclusive shops in designer fashion and labels.
Barcelona boasts of art, architecture and style since the Middle Ages, and its center constitutes one of the greatest architecture in the world.
Alternative art galleries, urban sport, festivals, fairs, exhibitions and more fill the calendar.  The people of Barcelona like to look after and promote their history; preserving buildings and streets while maintaining their traditions throughout the year.  Celebrations like the Festa del la Merce, literally the "Festival of Our Lady of Mercy". the citys' patroness, are a good example of this. It is also important to mention the folk festivals in each of the city neighbourhoods notably those in Sants and Gracia. where every year they follow the same traditions, with giants, human towers and folk music.
Barcelona faces the sea and, as a result, became a gateway through which, during the course of its history, knowledge, traditions, customs, new consumer products have passed.  Although culturally Barcelonians have fed themselves through this always open window, we can assert that their cultural growth has always rested on a formula that is very much their own and difficult to copy; an interesting mix of local traditions and foreign ideas.

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