Nestling in the faraway corner of West Tibet is Mount Kailas, the scred mountain. Revered as the Dev Parvat or the Summit of God, this 22028 feet pyrmid-like structure is renowned for its spiritual magnetism, apart from its exceptional natural beauty.  It is also deemed as the navel of the earth and central to the cosmography of Asian religions.
Lakhs have journeyed to this divine mountain revered differently by the different religions.  Hindus regard it as the abode of Lord Shiva. There is a whole lot of belief that considers Lord Shiv a as the supreme yogi.  He is regarded as the founder and master of tantra and esoteric science
Mount Kailas is renowned for its spiritual magnetism, awesome beauty and height.  Mostly it is approached not with logic but with devotion .  It is this logical and yogic. Wadhwa maintains that the authenticity of yogic secrets of Mount Kailas was known to ancient sages, who meditaed cross-legged for thousand of years at this remotest, highest and most desolate place on Mother Earth.  Kailas is the place where in tangible divine takes physical form.  Sages confidently knew this philosophy of Pursha and Prakiti or Shiva and Shakti
 “Kailas is an inner image of divine or the innermost invisible, eternal, transcendental truth,”Wadhwa states as he adds, “Even the great scientist Einstein supports the existence of cosmic religious feeling in man.”
 “The imprint of Mount Kailas exists in the human body, It is either brain or the heart.  The seat of Kailas as inner image of divine or eternal truth or cosmic religious feeling can be in brain which connects to the whole body and brain functions like a control room.  All our emotions, feelings also originate from mind itself.  Heat is a physical organ which regulates blood circulation in the body.”
 “The existence of Kailas in human brain makes you believe that image of divine exists in every human being irrespective of any religion, caste and creed,. Yet in this human body there is another transcend dental enjoyer, which is the lord known as Super Soul.  We are eternal fragment parts of Super Soul. In that sense we are all related in this universe of human race.  If every human understands this, then all will have a feeling of humanity with his fellow-being  Shiva also embedded in the human psyche that controls thought and feelings.  It has capacity to guide man’s actions.  It is a symbol of love and compassion.”

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